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Deep cleansing, you can fix a makeup cotton on the massage head, deep into the pores, effectively remove dirt that cannot be removed by the pores, leaving no dead ends.
Warm Nutrition introduction, High frequency vibration, open pores, deeply clean and brighten the skin, and solve the skin dullness and spots.
Adopts EMS technology, penetrate into the basal layer, enhance skin elasticity and gloss. Tighten the face contour, and shape V face.
Red light penetrates into the dermis, promoting collagen and elastin hyperplasia, reducing wrinkles, and restoring youthful vitality of the skin.
Blue light, improve acne, has the effect of rapidly inhibiting inflammation. Suitable for sensitive, oil and acne skin.

Theater Level Beauty skin care

Your private “beauty salon”
Stay at home
Private face spa
Skin problems can be solved
10 minutes a day Facial SPA

Only Need A Beauty Device To Solve All Skin Problems

Clean Sewage
Permeation import
Smart compress
3-color Photorejuvenation
EMS Fiming Lifting
Eye rejuvenation

Wrinkles, Relaxation, Dullness, Swelling

Every day after the age of 20
The loss of cllagen is accelerating

New Upgraded -Five-in-one Beauty Instrument

Deep Cleansing
Brightening The Skin
Firming And Lifting

Constant Temperature Moisturizing

Make cleaning more effective, nutrients better absorption

promote collagen synthesis regeneration, lighten wrinkle restore youthful vitality
Suitable for sensitive,oily,acne-prone skin
lighten stains, age spots, lighten
dark circles, brighten skin and
make skin more shiny

Deep Cleaning Mode

Put on cotton pad + cleaning mode
Better With Makeup Remover/Cleansing Lotion

Blue Light Calm

High Frequency Vibration
Obvious Cleaning Effect

Nutritional Moisturizing

Nourish The Skin And Promote The Absorption Of Essence
Warm To Open Pore Channels And Promote Nutrient Absorption
Pair With Essence Water/Mask To Deeply Nourish The Skin

Red Light Firming

Constant Temperature Hot Compress
High Frequency Vibration
42°Hot comprt – Qpen pores

Firming Lifting

Tighten The Skin And Maintain Skin Elasticity
EMS Micro Current Compact
Lift And Tighten Facial Lines

Green Light

EMS Micro Current
Hot Compress
High Frequency Vibration
Stimulate Skin Cells, Rejuvenate Skin, Tighten And Brighten Skin

3 kinds Of Phototherapy Beauty

Blue Light Sedation Anti-inflammatory And Acne
Green Light Repair Improve Pigmentation
Red Light Compact Improve Sagging Skin

Show Details

1.Inductive Probe(Smart induction, vibrate or generate micro current when it touches the skin)
2.Smart Display(Power, gear, mode Chinese and English display)
3.Diamond Switch/Function Button(Long press to turn on, the default cleaning.mode Each short press, adjust mode.Long press to shut )Is the vibration gear adjustment buttondown
4.Inductive Metal On The Back(When using micro current, the sensor.strip and skin contact form a loop,.generating micro current)

Anytime, anywhere, home beauty salon

Wreless use. No more scene rstrictins for beauty.
Once every 2 days. 5-10 minutes each time. you can witness the best rsuts.

Beauty steps

step 1
Skin cleansing Makeup remover + cleansing
step 2
Apply beauty lotion Or massage gel
step 3
Use beauty equipment Double the effect
step 4
Follow-up maintenance Water + Lifting Gel + Cream

Product information

Type: Beauty Device
Material: ABS
Color: Red/Green(Optional)
Power: 2.3W
Intensity: 5 levels
Battery: 600mAh
Item Size: 16 * 5.3 * 5cm / 6.3 * 2.1 * 2.0in
Item Weight: 102g / 3.6oz
Package Size: 19.5 * 11 * 6cm / 7.7*4.3*2.4in
Package Weight: 230g / 8.1oz

Package List:
1 * Beauty Device
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Charging Cable

Additional information

Brand Name








Power Source

USB Charger

Model Number


Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

Working Principle

Vibration Massage

Commodity Quality Certification




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AmazeFan EMS beauty instrument face-lift RF skin rejuvenation hot compress LED phototherapy wrinkle home care facial massage


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